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Self care ideas for people preventing violence against women

Discussing and educating others on violence against women can lead to distressing and unsettling thoughts and feelings for some people.   

Stress and trauma affect how you see yourself, others and the world. Self-care can be an effective way to manage and prevent stress and trauma escalating. 

Self-care tips for individuals

  • Reflect on what’s going well and positive about the work.  
  • Engage in relaxation, mindfulness and soothing activities such as going for a massage, walking or swimming.  
  • Look after your physical and mental well-being. Keep up your nutrition, sleep, relaxation and creative expression. Think of using humour, reading, or journal writing, for example.  
  • Spend time with friends and family.
  • Develop an outlet for emotional processing outside of your work such as exercise, writing, building, gardening, family, socialising, singing, dancing.   
  • Engage in activities that are positive and that have concrete outcomes or products that foster a sense of accomplishment.  
  • Take time out when you need it.  

Get support from your workplace or others

If you’re doing prevention work in your workplace, make sure you have the right supports and connect with them.  

All workplaces have a responsibility to provide safe and healthy working environments for their employees. Managing psychological health and safety is a core part of occupational health and safety frameworks. 

A culture of ‘collective care’ is one where staff are both encouraged and enabled to prioritise their health and wellbeing. Consider collective care and other supports available to you through your workplace, or broader networks. You might: 

  • look at your network of supportive people at work and outside of it. Draw a map of support people. Who can provide emotional, informational and material support? 
  • use a buddy system at work, especially if you are new to this work
  • debrief with trusted colleagues or others in a safe and supportive environment
  • access your Employee Assistance Program, if you have one.

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