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Promote gender equality in my workplace or business

All Australians have a role to play to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women. This can happen in a range of ‘settings’ — or contexts — where people live, learn, work, socialise and play.   

Each setting has a big influence over the norms, practices and structures that can promote gender equality and respect and prevent violence against women.   

Our Watch works in some of these different settings. You can find more detailed information about promoting gender equality and preventing violence against women by visiting these websites: 

Workplace Equality and Respect

Respectful Relationships Education

Equality and Respect in Sport

Media Making Change

Equality and Respect in Tertiary Education

Local Government Toolkit


What’s a ‘whole-of’ approach?

A ‘whole-of’ approach to prevention means that an initiative aims to engage everyone in the population, community, organisation or group that you are working with. It’s important to think about the ‘whole-of’ the setting you’re working in, even if your initiative is small-scale.

For example, whole-of approach in a primary school would put respectful relationships education in place in the classroom but also apply it to the school’s culture, policies and procedures, and promote gender equality among staff.

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